ICT Cluster it co-founder and coordinator of Bulgarian Digital Innovation Hub - DIGITECH 4.0.

DigiTech 4.0 is part of a wide network of Digital Innovation Hubs across Europe. It acts as an one-stop-shop, serving companies within their local region and beyond to digitize their business. The hub is supported by experts from Pricewaterhouse Coopers & Oxentia (Oxford’s Global Innovation Consultancy). DigiTech 4.0 is building an ecosystem that fosters innovation. It is based on a model that promotes excellence and collaboration among stakeholders.


Smart Factory Cooperation Platform

The platform allows building the ‘‘common asset‘‘

It currently has 1580 entries. The tool is already used in 2 Digital Innovation Hubs

  • Online based platform
  • Regional mapping
  • 10 partners from 10 counties
  • Solution providers and users
  • Tools supporting the digital transformation

The Smart Factory Cooperation Platform (SFCP),
support SMEs by providing a geographic overview and give some information about actors, good practices,
projects and facilitators and, thus, foster the match between the demand (production/ manufacturing organizations) and supply (solution providers) tendencies. The mapping tool consists of five main panels of which some have additional four subcategories to choose from and the search bar with numerous filtering options. All of this is accompanied by the interactive map. The Organizations panel is the first of the previously stated five. Users can lessen the inputted
organizations list by selecting commands/values from four dropdown subcategories with a series of relevant options, namely Country, Market sectors, Organization type and Services provided, which allows them to perform a custom search.

The Projects panel is the second of the five, the
Funding schemes panel is the third, the Product
and services panel is the fourth and the Facilitators
panel is the fifth. Companies and other
organizations can and are welcomed to register
by clicking on the “Register your organization”
button and filling in the requested data.