1 Feb-2012

CeBIT Hannover 2012

CeBIT 2012: The world’s leading event for ICT in business and politics

  • Unique combination of exhibition, conferences, keynotes,
  • corporate events and lounges
  • Great international coverige

Foundation ICT Cluster is CeBIT’s partner. CeBIT Hannover is one of the most prestigious world events in the digital inustry. Thanks to its unique combination of exhibition, conferences, keynotes, corporate events and lounges, CeBIT represents an unrivaled tool for doing business and sealing deals. During March 2011 CeBIT has made more than seven million business contacts for about 45 hours. More than 500 international concerns from Industrial organization committee with sales for up to 50 milliards have visited the event. These facts proved that CeBIT is one of the most effective platforms for marketing and creating business contacts in the world.

CeBIT is worldwide known event. During march 2011 more than 4 200 entrepreneurs from 70 countries, about 339 000 visitors from 110 nationalities and about 5 000 journalists from all over the world have been registered.

Brazil will be CeBIT partner country from 6th to 10th march. Ms. Dilma Rusef – Prezident of Brazil – is expected to visit the opening of the event. CeBIT’s country partners throuh the years were: Turkey(2011), Spain(2010), Calofirnia, USA(2009), France(2008) and Russia(2007).

From 2011 CeBIT will be carried out into four customers oriented plaforms. In the part CeBIT pro there will be presented entrepreneur ICT – applications for professional usage in small and medium enterprices, and for international companies. The CeBIT gov part will be directed towards public sector in the ICT field and it will present good solutions for municipalities, national authorities and European Union. CeBIT lab is a laboratory of the future for ICT industry and platform for universities and scientific institutions. In the centre of the CeBIT life sits customers oriented solutions. In this CeBIT part the technologies from the future will be introduced to all professionals and users of high technologies.

More information could be found in CeBIT’s web site:

25 Jan-2012

Mr. Peter Statev, Chairman of ICT Cluster will be speaker at B2B event “Growing Your Business: Exploring Cross Border Opportunities” which will take place in Istanbul, January 30-31, 2012

The Turkish-Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) B2B event entitled “Growing Your Business: Exploring Cross Border Opportunities” is organized by Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (CEED).  CEED is working with a local partner to facilitate meaningful networking opportunities between those who are looking to learn about new market opportunities.

GOALS: Turkey is a rising star in Europe and the fastest growing market in the region.  This event will help strengthen CEE-Turkish business ties and highlight opportunities for increasing trade and investment. The combination of high added value, innovation, creativity, and extensive research is helping Turkish firms develop products, not only for local market, but abroad as well.  The conference aims to help entrepreneurs from the CEED network get a better understanding of what it takes in to enter the Turkish market and conversely aims to help Turkish entrepreneurs enter new markets in Central and Eastern European countries.

OBJECTIVES: The objective of this conference is to identify regional opportunities, discuss market trends and catalyze networking for business development. Everyone should come out of the conference having met a few interesting business contacts and having learned more about cross border opportunities. 

ACTIVITIES: CEED expects to bring a targeted group of 30-40 entrepreneurs from CEED centers in Armenia, Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Poland to meet with 30-40 Turkish entrepreneurs and begin to build long-term cooperative business relationships.  There will be panels which discuss opportunities and challenges, keynote speakers talking about their success stories and many formal and informal networking opportunities.

20 Jan-2012

The young entrepreneur Todor Raykov has just started his 3 months exchange of experience with the successful entrepreneur from Finland, Mr. Seppo Huurinainen within the Programme “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs”

The relationship started on 20th January and is managed by ICT Cluster, as Bulgarian Intermediary Organization and MISET, IO from Finland.

The main purpose of the relationship is to develop a lasting partnership between the Host Entrepreneur and New Entrepreneur (Finland and Bulgaria) in the renewable energy field, especially in the field of resource management. Mr. Raykov will be acquainted in detail with the Mr. Huurinainen's work style and products. On the other hand, the HE will have the chance to expand its business to new markets in the European Union.

10 Jan-2012

The exchange of experience within the Programme Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs between Bulgarian Host Entrepreneur – Mr. Yordan Pashov and Polish Young Entrepreneur – Ms. Karolina Skowronska started in the first week of January 2012.

Mr. Pashov is successfully managing the company Vistalis, a licensed travel agent and tour operator, offering vast variety of excursions, hotel accommodations, air tickets, cruises, weekend programmes, holidays in the best Bulgarian summer and winter resorts, and exotic travels all around the world.

Karolina Skowronska intent on start her own travel agency, offering holidays and trips to Bulgaria.

The relationship is coordinated and supported by ICT Cluster.

6 Dec-2011

Mr. Peter Statev participated in the first edition of the Bulgarian Investment Forum

The Chairman of Foundation ICT Cluster Mr. Peter Statev took part in the first edition of the Bulgarian Investment Forum which took place on 1st December 2011 in London, UK. The event was organised by Invest Bulgaria Agency as part of a series of targeted investment forums in 9 countries in order to promote the investment opportunities in 8 industries in Bulgaria. The project is part of IBA’s overall marketing strategy for promoting the benefits of investing in Bulgaria by targeting and attracting investors in priority sectors.

The investment forum presented the IT and BPO sectors in the country which was an excellent opportunity for Bulgarian and international companies with local presence to present their innovative products and activities.

More than 100 representatives of English and international IT companies, representatives of the government and Bulgarian business participated in the conference.

25 Nov-2011

European Seal of e-Excellence Seeks Innovative Digital Media and ICT Companies for its 10th Awards

The Seal of e-Excellence will celebrate its 10th anniversary at the CeBIT award ceremony in 2012. Since 2003, the European Seal of e-Excellence rewards ICT and digital media companies with an excellent track record in innovation and marketing. The Seal, open to all sized companies, is widely known for distinguishing companies with innovative products and services and evidence of successful marketing at home and abroad.
Join the group of the e-Excellence winners.
The Seal is increasingly gaining recognition and becoming a major focal point for Europe’s most successful ICT and digital media companies.

In the Seal trajectory more than 350 companies have been awarded with the Seal “platinum”, “gold”, and “silver” awards. The winners have incorporated the Seal as part of their on-going marketing programmes, helping to promote themselves in the global market place.

For more information visit the Е-Seal’s website:,
and ICT Cluster’s website:


Svetla Georgieva
Office Manager
Foundation ICT Cluster
Telephone: 02/489 97 44

Seal of e-Excellence and ICT Cluster

3 Nov-2011

Г-н Тодор Балабанов е първият млад предприемач, който успешно приключи обучението си в Естония в рамките на програмата "Еразмус за млади предприемачи"

Г-н Тодор Балабанов е първият млад предприемач, който успешно приключи обучението си в Естония в рамките на програмата "Еразмус за млади предприемачи". Той прекара тримесечно обучение в Естония във фирмата “Regio”, управлявана от г-н Teet Jagomagi.


31 Oct-2011

Програма Top Class на CEED България набира кандидати за своята едногодишна менторска програма за мениджъри и предприемачи.

Програмата се състои от практически насочени бизнес обучения, които се водят от ментори с цел обмен на опит, ноу-хау и бизнес контакти и покрива широк спектър от ключови и актуални теми като Лидерство и управление на екипи, Стратегическо планиране, Вземане на решения, Финанси и оптимизация на разходите, Управление на представянето и лична ефективност, Продажби и връзки с клиентите, Онлайн маркетинг, ПР и изграждане на положителна репутация и други.

Ментори в програмата са успешни български мениджъри и предприемачи.

Участието в Top Class предлага също така и членство в регионалния CEED Клуб и участие в множество бизнес срещи и конференции на местно и международно ниво за установяване на бизнес контакти.

Тук бихте могли да видите какво казват за Top Class някои от миналогодишните участници в програмата.
Кандидатствайте за участие в Top Class на и спечелете предимство пред конкурентите си!
За допълнителна информация тел: 819 43 43 или email:

13 Sep-2011

Applications for the Seal of e-Excellence 2012 Awards are open from 1 May 2011 to 31 December 2011.

Win recognition for your success in innovation marketing !

Apply now for the European Seal of e-Excellence 2012 ! 

10th Edition


If your company has an excellent track record in marketing its innovative products and services, apply for the Seal 2012 and gain visibility through this prestigious label of excellence.

Awarded for the 10th time since 2003 by EMF and its Partners, the Seal is widely known for recognizing ICT and digital media companies with:

  1. innovative products and services;
  2. a proven track-record of excellence in their marketing, in particular outside their home market.

Apply now online at:
to become part of the exclusive club of 200+ companies who have won the award during the last 10 years!

Consult the 2011 winners brochure here.

The winners will be announced @ CeBIT, the most prestigious ICT fair in Europe on 6 March 2012.

Seal of e-Excellence and ICT Cluster

11 Sep-2011

The International Symposium on Recent Observations and Simulations of the Sun-Earth System (ISROSES) started with official opening ceremony on 11 September 2011 in Rila Hotel, Borovets. ICT Cluster is co-organizer of the event.

Prof. Rangel Giurov, Chairman of the Executive Board of National Science Fund and Mr. Peter Statev, Chairman of the Management Board of Foundation ICT Cluster were guests of the ceremony.

The event is a continuation of the highly successful ISROSES symposium held in Varna, Bulgaria, during 17-22 September 2006.
The main purpose of the International Symposium on Recent Observations and Simulations of the Sun-Earth System II (ISROSES-II) is to bring together cross-disciplinary scientists from around the globe to have focused discussions on fundamental problems related to the space environment of the Earth.

The main organizer is Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), USA. The event is sponsored and supported by International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA), International Union of Radio Science (URSI), American National Science Federation, NASA, Foundation ICT Cluster and Balkantourist.
The event brings together scientists from Bulgaria, USA, Europe, Japan, Russia, Canada and etc.

Foundation ICT Cluster supports the Bulgarian science by organizing and supporting such kind of events of great importance.

14 Jul-2011

The Second Annual Conference Communication Infrastructure, Market& Services took place on 14 July in the American University – Sofia.

Mr. Peter Statev – Chairman of the Management Board of ICT Cluster and Associate Professor Vladimir Poulkov - Chairman of the Management Board of Bulgarian Cluster “Telecommunications”, took part in the forum.

Organizers and media partners of the event were Uconomics, Utilities Magazine and Facilities Magazine.

The aim of this forum was to create a successful dialog between the interested parties in the sector “Telecommunications”.
The new market regulations, the structural amendment, including fusions and absorptions, infrastructure challenges as well as the convergention and digitalization are of great importance for  the development of the telecommunication sector today.  All these factors make direct influence over every player in the communication and media market, business society, related and using the telecommunication providers, media companies, providers of audiovisual media services and radio services. 

Mr. Peter Statev made a presentation  “Financing and Investment of the Telecommunications Market” .

28 Jun-2011

Regional Opportunities for Growth - Conference and B2B (SEE & Turkish Technology firms), was held on 28 June 2011 in Izmir, Turkey.

The event was hosted by CEED & Western Anatolian Information and Electronics Regional Innovation Centre Project (BATI-BINOM)

Turkey is a rising star in Europe and the fastest growing market in the region. ICT and Electronics represent one of the fastest growing sectors in Turkey and its getting stronger in global competition. The combination of high added value, innovation, creativity, and extensive research is helping Turkish firms to develop products, not only for local market, but abroad as well.

CEED brought together around 25 entrepreneurs from CEED centers in Kosovo, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia,  Macedonia and Montenegro to meet with around 25 Turkish entrepreneurs and begin to build long-term
cooperative business relationships. The afternoon session on Tuesday June 28th was set aside to conduct one-on-one business development meetings. Throughout the day there was informal opportunities to meet transnational peers.

Major trends & topics discussed:

- Approaching the Turkish market, short cuts on how and what to look for.
- Collaboration, finding and choosing a partner.
- Cloud computing, and the many new opportunities it’s creating to build and staff new companies, and strengthen existing businesses
- The ‘Mobile’ landscape, and how it will change everything. Examples of businesses incorporating mobile technologies.
- Social media, and how it could be leveraged to make connections and build your business.
-  Electronics, and new trends from even smarter TVs, to smartphones controlling more, to ‘Apps’ everywhere (in cars, appliances, eReaders, stereo receivers, cameras, printers, etc.)

Representatives of the Bulgarian companies: Smartcom – Bulgaria AD, Elexim and Antipodes Ltd , and a representative from Kardzhaly Municipality took part in the event, supported by Bulgarian ICT Cluster
Тhe conference and B2B meetings gave to Bulgarian companies the opportunity for future business collaboration with Turkish partners :
- Some Turkish companies were interested in the last project of Antipodes for Google, realized on Google App Engine with access for all mobile devices. It is expected the started contacts to lead to implementing future projects in Turkey.
- The speed networking gave the opportunity for Elexim to start dialog for future business collaboration with 3 Turkish companies.
- Smartcom -Bulgaria has found potential partners during the event and continues negotiations with them. There was discussed also a partnership with Izmir polytechnics for common R&D projects.