ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION, BULSTAT 131374292 respects your personal privacy. ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION collects, retains, uses and processes personal information only when necessary for its business and in accordance with the applicable laws.

ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION provides its services in accordance with the Law for protection of personal data and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. We protect your personal information by applying all necessary technical and organizational means available to us in order to prevent unauthorized access, unauthorized or malicious use, loss or untimely deletion of information.

The goal of this policy is to inform you what personal data we collect, for what purpose and period of time, as well as what your rights are.

Information about the administrator who processes your data


Address: 111 “Tsarigradsko Shosse” Blvd., Sofia Tech Park, Incubator, floor 2, Office 28, 1784, Sofia, Bulgaria

Postal address: 111 “Tsarigradsko Shosse” Blvd., Sofia Tech Park, Incubator, floor 2, Office 28, 1784, Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone number: 00359 2 4899744

Email address:


Purpose of collection, processing, and storage of personal data

ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION processes your data in accordance with Article 6, paragraph 1, Regulation (EU) 2016/670 (GDPR), on the following grounds:

  • Giving explicit consent as webinar participants; filling out questionnaires for the purposes of project implementation for the personal data administrator; photographing and filming of events for the purposes of project reports; promotion of activity of ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION on the foundation’s website, as well as social media platforms LinkedIn and Facebook;
  • Compliance with the legal obligations of ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION;
  • For the purposes of ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION’s legitimate interests.

The only cases, where we transmit personal information in accordance with legal regulation to third parties, are such wherein these third parties have agreed to strictly observe our privacy policy and instructions for processing and protection of personal information. The service suppliers that act on behalf of ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION are contractually obligated by us to comply with the legal norms for the protection of personal data.

The processing of personal data only to an extent that is strictly necessary and proportionate to the objectives of guaranteeing network and information security from the side of public authorities, electronic communication networks and service providers, as well as security technologies and services providers, represents a legal interest to the ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION as an information administrator.

Purposes and basis for the collection, processing and storage of personal data

We collect and process the personal data you provide to us for the needs of project reporting.

We apply the following principles when processing your personal data:

  • personal data is not used for purposes different than those for collection, unless with your explicit consent or in the cases, expressly provided for by law;
  • personal data is stored only as long as necessary in order to meet these goals;
  • personal data is as precise, concrete, complete and up-to-date as only necessary in order to meet the goals for which it is used;
  • personal data is protected by security measures, which are corresponding to the specified “Level of Impact”.


ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION can process and store personal data in order to protect its legitimate interests: fulfillment of its obligations to the European Commission, state and municipal authorities, judicial authorities.

What types of personal data does the foundation collect, process and store

In most cases you provide us with this information by choosing and agreeing to give us personal data, while in other cases we require personal data in order to comply with a legal obligation, sign a contract, or to protect our legal interest. Depending on the services which you use, we are able to collect and process the following information:

General personal data:

  • full three names;
  • email address;
  • phone number.

ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION does not process Sensitive personal data.

Duration of storage of personal data

We collect all information that we have gathered for the duration of the service provided or within the time limits provided in the existing legislation or for the purpose of the project that we are implementing.

Some of these duration terms include:

- 5 years of adherence to the statutory deadlines for claiming damages under the Obligation and Contracts Act;

- 10 years under the Accounting Act for storage and processing of accounting data;

- 5 years obligations to provide information to the judiciary, competent state bodies and other grounds provided in the existing legislation.


ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION takes serious measures to protect your personal data from accidental loss and unauthorized access, use, modification or disclosure. In place are policies and procedures designed to protect information from loss, misuse and unlawful disclosure. We are taking extra measures concerning information security, including access control, strong physical protection and reliable practices for collecting, storing and processing of information.

Use of Cookies on the Website

ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION does not collect or process personal information via functional cookies.

Transfer between countries

Transfer of personal data outside the European Union will be carefully reviewed beforehand in order to guarantee the appropriate application of GDPR.


Instruction on the rights in terms of collecting, processing and storing personal data

Requests for access to or correction of data must be filed in person or by a person expressly authorized to do so through a written power of attorney. Such requests can also be made electronically in accordance with the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act.


  1. You can request information about your personal data, which is collected and stored by the ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION at any time. You can also request that the ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION corrects, deletes or updates such information.
  2. You can withdraw your consent to the collection, storage and use of your personal data at ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION. This withdrawal, however, will not affect the lawful processing of data until the time of withdrawal.
  3. Some of your rights, such as deletion of data or objection to processing may be limited by current legislation.

ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION is not obligated to delete personal data, if it is stored and processed:

  • in compliance to a legal obligation that requires processing provided for by EU law or the laws of a member state that applies to the ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION, or to perform a task which is in the public interest, or in the exercise of official authorities it has been given;
  • with the purposes of archival in the public interest, for scientific and historical studies or statistical purposes;
  • for establishment, exercise or protection of legal claims.

In the case of exercising the right to deletion, the foundation will delete all personal data with the following exception:

  • necessary information to verify your right to deletion has been fulfilled – email address.

After the procedure has been completed and the identity of the person who made the claim for deletion has been verified, we will delete all your personal data being processed.

  1. You have the right to require that ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION restricts the processing of your personal data when:
  • you question the accuracy of personal data, for a period that allows the ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION to verify the accuracy of personal data;
  • the use of data is illegal, and you do not wish your personal data deleted, but its use to be restricted;
  • ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION does not require your personal data for the purpose of processing, but you require it for the purpose of establishing, exercising or protecting your legal claims.
  • you have objected to the processing of data while pending verification whether the legal claims of ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION have an advantage over your interests.

In the case of exercise of the right to restrict processing, the foundation will stop processing your data.

  1. You can require that ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION directly transfers your personal data to an administrator of your choice when technically feasible.
  2. You can require that ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION informs you about all parties that have received the personal data, for which a right to correct, delete or restrict processing has been exercised. ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION can refuse to provide this information in the case that it is impossible or would require disproportionate effort.
  3. You can object at any time against the processing of your personal data by ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION, including for the purposes of profiling or direct marketing.

Your rights in the case of a security violation of your personal data

If ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION finds a violation of the security of your personal data that can result in a high risk of violation of your rights and liberties, we will inform you without undue delay of the violation as well as the measures that have been or will be taken.

ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION is not required to inform you in the event that:

  • appropriate technical and organizational security measures regarding the data, which has been affected by the security violation, have been applied;
  • it takes appropriate measure guaranteeing that the security violation will not result in a high risk for your rights;
  • informing you requires disproportionate effort.

In the case of a violation of your rights under the above or the applicable data protection acts, you have the right to file a complaint with the Commission for Personal Data Protection as follows:

Commission for Personal Data Protection

Sofia 1592, 2 “Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov” blvd.

Phone +359 2 915 35 18

Web address:


Changes to the current Privacy policy

This Privacy policy can be changed over time. Any such changes will take effect immediately after being disclosed. The regular review of this page ensures that you are always aware of what data is being collected, how and for what purposes ICT CLUSTER FOUNDATION uses it, and under what circumstances (if any) it is shared with third parties.