10 Apr-2020

ICT Cluster supports the SME-led campaign “Digital Solutions in times of COVID-19"

ICT Cluster is happy to join the SME-led “Digital Solutions in times of COVID-19" Campaign launched by European DIGITAL SME Alliance.
Showcases digital solutions by innovative SMEs at



9 Apr-2020

Remote Meeting ICT Cluster and Sofia Municipality for Digital Transformation of Sofia

On 8th of April 2020 at a remote meeting ICT Cluster and Sofia Municipality laid the foundations for cooperation in support of Sofia's Digital Transformation.



24 Mar-2020

SMEs should get 50% of EU funding for innovation

99% of companies are SMEs. They should get 50% of EU funding for innovation, currently they receive only 20%. Amid the corona crisis, digital SMEs call on European Council for a 50% SME quota in EU’s digital innovation budget.





19 Mar-2020

АgROBOfood is offering 2.65 M€ to SMEs through its’ 1st Open Call for Innovation Experiments!

agROBOfood, in an attempt to boost the adoption of robotics in the agricultural sector and strengthen its’ network, has just launched the 1st "Open Call" for funding additional Innovation Experiments. Through this call agROBOfood will distribute 2.65 M€ for the direct benefit of SMEs (300,000€ - 500,000€ per proposal).


18 Mar-2020

Application deadlines and applications for programs of the Institute for Agro-Strategies and Innovation - EIT Food Hub Bulgaria

Here you can find information on all programs of the Institute for Agro-Strategies and Innovation - EIT Food Hub Bulgaria. Prizes and application deadlines.









9 Mar-2020

Program EIT JUMPSTRTER with prizes up to €10 000

EIT JUMPSTRTER is one of the most comprehensive cross-sectoral programs designed for early stage innovators of their business ideas who want to get guidance and a startup for their business. Participants will learn how to start building their businesses in a unique way its cross-sectoral environment, guided by the best trainers and mentors in the field.

Up to 10 000 euros in prizes are also provided for the best ideas.





16 Feb-2020

New opportunities for Digital Transformation of Agro-Food sector

Bulgarian Technology and Innovation Center – DigiTech 4.0 joined the agROBOfood network. Additionally to our existing services, we now can offer you technical, business and eco-system related services for the agro-food robotic domain, being available throughout this pan-European wide network of universities, research institutes and service providing companies. DigiTech 4.0 will serve as your agROBOfood contact point!






22 Dec-2019

Happy Holidays and Successful New Year!

The team of ICT Cluster wishes you happy holidays as well as successful and fruitful 2020!


13 Dec-2019

Kanban Management Professional sertificate from Kanban University

In the begging of 2020, ESI CEE  gives the opportunity to get Kanban Management Professional (KMP) qualification with Kanban University only with 4 days of training!




6 Dec-2019

Green Ict deVElopment (GIVE) project came to an end    

After two years of implementation the project Green Ict deVElopment (GIVE) project came to an end. What we have achieved in those two years working together?






2 Dec-2019

“GIVE” Going International - GIVE Project's Final Conference

On 28th November, in Skopje, North Macedonia, was held the final conference of Green Ict deVElopment (GIVE) project. GIVE partnership will continue to work with the SMEs in the Balkan and Baltic region from the ICT, Automotive and Green sector and support them on their first steps going on third markets – China, Taiwan and Egypt.



17 Nov-2019

“GIVE” Going International - GIVE project final conference

Where? Skopje, North Macedonia
Location: Alexandar II, Skopje, North Macedonia, link from Google maps.
When? 28 November 2019
Time: 09:30 CET
How? Registration form is available on the following link